Exclusive Sliding Doors are specialists in supplying premium-quality interior sliding doors for customers throughout the UK.

Our sliding doors offer a variety of uses in the home. They’re perfect for creating wardrobe storage in the bedroom. But equally, our doors are ideal for creating sleek storage areas in any rooms, from the kitchen to the bathroom. Or as a clever room divider to create functional zones your living space.

Wherever you place our doors, they make a stunning design statement. Our sliding doors come in a selection of high-quality styles and finishes. What’s more, we tailor your doors to the exact dimensions of your space. So you can create a look that’s slick and seamless.

Plus, sliding doors allow you to make use of every bit of storage room available, while avoiding the space wastage of swinging doors. So, as well as looking good, our sliding doors perform brilliantly.


Why choose Exclusive?

1. Quality craftsmanship

We build sliding doors to a consistently high standard. With luxury finishes and quality parts, you get a sliding door system that will stand the test of time.

2. Endless flexibility

With many sliding door ranges, we cover a wide spectrum of style tastes. That, plus our made to measure service, means endless design possibilities.

3. Decades of experience

Exclusive has delighted customers with luxury sliding doors since 1988. Back then, we started as bedroom furniture specialists in Plymouth – still the home of our real-world showroom.